The Kautz Brothers – Paul and Ryan Kautz, manage their co-owned construction and development company– Kautz Brothers Enterprises Inc.  On startup they constructed smaller projects such as decks, fences and garages, and then grew their craft into kitchens, basements, full scale renovations and custom homes. Their extensive experience, dating back to 1999, and expert knowledge in the field allows them to look beyond cosmetics to see the true structure of a home. They can educate you on craftsmanship, recognize what can and cannot be changed through renovation, and estimate possible costs associated with repair.  With the brothers on your side, you can walk into any home and know what you’re dealing with from the ground up, keeping surprises to a minimum.

Together the Kautz Brothers  - Paul and Ryan-  graduated from the University of Calgary, holding Economics and Management Degrees. Their education equips them with a vast understanding of markets and values. Combined with their professional experience and interpersonal skills, the Kautz Brothers can offer you the top end service that you deserve.

Paul and Ryan Kautz are no strangers to the Calgary area; they live on side by side acreages south of Strathmore -kids, dogs, cats, ponies, gophers and all.

The brothers have always had a passion for community. Growing up in small town Alberta, they came from a dedicated hockey background. Playing four years of junior hockey engrained a strong work ethic and the ability to thrive in a team atmosphere.  They have won awards that extended beyond their hockey abilities such as: Ryan’s Community Involvement Award and Paul’s All Canadian Athletic Academic Honours. The brothers continue to give back to the communities that supported them by instructing at hockey schools, coaching minor hockey and volunteering at community events such as Strathmore’s Junior Achievement Program.

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